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8 day Galapagos cruise

Rated 5.0 out of 5
9. November 2023

We had dreamy days on the Galapagos islands. Our 8 day cruise aboard the Yolita 2 took us to the north, through the center and to the west of this unique archipelago to explore the waters and landscapes. The itinerary was just a diverse as the islands themselves. Every island and its own charm and the encounters with trusting animals were incredible and will always be with us.

The Galapagos Pro team assisted us before our trip as well as during and was always available to us with advice. Thank you very much, keep it up.

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Dream holiday with complete service

Rated 5.0 out of 5
7. November 2023

We were completely happy with Galapagos Pro. Already during the planning phase, all our changes and questions were answered quickly.

There was always someone available on WhatsApp on every island at our destination. We could just relax and enjoy.

To keep it short: We had a perfect vacation without having to deal with a lot of organization. We would highly recommend Galapagos Pro.

We spend 3 nights on San Cristobal, 5 nights on Isabela and 4 on Santa Cruz. In retrospect, we would probably spend 4 nights on San Cristobal and one night less on Santa Cruz, we were so amazed by the seals on San Cristobal.

We can totally recommend the tour to Los Tuneles on Isabela, it was organized by our local contact, our favourite excursion.

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Klara und Christophe

Unforgettable encounters

Rated 5.0 out of 5
30. October 2023

Dear Galapagos-Pro-Team,

Dear Ms. Filbig,

we’ve been back from our holiday for the past week and some of our experiences in Ecuador / Galapagos islands are still so unbelievable to us!

Encounters with people and animals that were so impressionable that won’t ever forget them.

The organization of our itinerary: wow – everything went reliably and easy! I was really quite nervous prior to our trip – up to the point were I realized that we were so well taken care of and everything went more than smoothly.

Yannik took care of every details at our destination (he even got us our transit control cards, so that we wouldn’t have to stand in line!) The time with our nature guide Cristobal was great and our driver Carlos drove every slope in the cloud forest with such stoic calm that we were just amazed!

We enjoyed all our stays and every time it was hard to say goodbye, that’s how much we liked it in Wantara at the Terrabambu Lodge etc.

Antisana with Condor and Ibis sightings was spectacular, Mindo’s birdlife was overwhelming.

Everything on board our cruise was highly professional and our nature guide Fernanda was captivating ;) – and our fellow traveller were a lucky break! This week of traveling together really brought us together – goodbyes were very emotional.

Really letting go was on the island of San Cristobal, our accommodation was handpicked (Particia and Luis were delightful hosts at Casa Iguana!) and both excursions were great!

We spent our free time with hikes to Punta Carola, Los Loberia (both for the 2nd time!) and with Sealion (babies :))))))) watching. We’re amazed by the fact that there are no sealions on the streets of Germany…

THese 3 weeks made us so happy – thank you for the excellent consultation, preparation and travel accompaniment!

I am already dreaming of going back – when ever the times comes …

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Kerstin D.

Unforgettable travel moments on land and in the water

Rated 5.0 out of 5
27. October 2023

Dear GalapagosPro/Team!

Thank you so very much for the great planning and organisation of an unforgettable journey, that already began with great anticipation at home ;). Thankfully, due to the extraordinary local accompaniment, we always felt well taken care of. Our excursions around Quito and the Galapagos diving tour were unforgettably beautiful and astonishing. The idea to spend a few last relaxing days on Puerto Ayora was great.

We can highly recommend Galapagos PRO! You will be professionally well taken care of and looked after!

Special thanks to Ms. Zwermann and Yannik the best local contact person (always available :) and Adrian the best mountain guide to Cotopaxi, the crater lake of Quilotoa and …!

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Well planned trip to a unique place in the world!

Rated 5.0 out of 5
4. October 2023

Well organised, and implemented locally. At all places (Quito, and the 3 islands) we had good local support from responsive representatives taking care of small things that made our trip much nicer.

Ruchir Verma

3 weeks in paradise

Rated 5.0 out of 5
12. September 2023

With the help of an employee, we created the for us (couple) perfect tour of the Galapagos islands and the mainland of Ecuador. We were informed of flight details, hotels and tours throughout the entire trip and guides and local employees are highly recommended (answered all questions, concerns ..). One of the best trips we ever did!

Translated by Galapagos PRO

Simone P.

Pure nature - a dream comes ture

Rated 5.0 out of 5
10. September 2023

After a great consultation with Galapagos PRO, we decided on our program, including Quito, rainforest, Cotopaxi and two weeks Galapagos (San Cristobal, Isabela and Santa Cruz).

We felt in good hands during the entire tour. News about our next stage came on time and completed via WhatsApp and we were always welcomed and kept up to date at our destinations. Our absolute highlights were the Galapagos islands and travelling by boat to the little uninhabited islands. Part of the activities were short hikes, snorkelling afterwards and spotting new things every time. All guides spoke English and were competent. Ecuadorians friendliness and their respect for nature as well as unforgettable encounters with animals made this holiday an incredible experience.

Translated by Galapagos PRO

Andrea S. und Gioacchino

A touroperator I can highly recommend...

Rated 5.0 out of 5
10. September 2023

Very professional work from the very first time of getting in touch, through recommendations and producing an itinerary. Whenever I needed further information regarding the first drafts of the itinerary, they were quick to respond explicitly and offered alternative options. All travel documentation and the offer came thorough and detailed. Throughout our trip we were informed of upcoming tours via WhatsApp and from time to time were asked if everything was to our liking. All tours and transfers were very professional. Whenever we needed assistance or fill out a form, they were very quick to help. I can highly recommend Galapagos PRO and would travel with them again.

Translated by Galapagos PRO

M. Vinzenz

Just a wonderful experience

Rated 5.0 out of 5
18. August 2023

An amazing holiday begins with the excitement for it and thanks to the perfect preparation due to the team of Galapagos PRO we felt it this time as well.

We organized a lot of our tour through Columbien and Ecuador ourselves but we wanted to leave organizing the Galápagos islands to the professionals. Our journey from Quito to Galápagos and our return to Cuenca was exactly as we requested. Every little detail was adjusted for us and the assistance extended through the time we booked ourselves. For this, we want to say thank you to the whole Galapagos PRO team.

We documented our entire journey on social media and without further ado you can check out our journey below:

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Very well organized and a great trip

Rated 5.0 out of 5
16. August 2023

After arriving well in Germany we want to thank the Galapagos PRO team for the well-organized and incredible trip. The assistance during the entire trip by your staff was exceptional. We were always able to reach you and responsive. Everything went smoothly.

We were able to take incredible impressions of the country, the people and animals with us.

Not very successful was the climb from the rainforest up to 4800m within one day and the planned hike with an overnight stay at 4000m without any time to acclimate. Even with the medication for altitude sickness (2 doctors accompanied) five of seven fell ill and could not do it. Switching to a new hacienda for our stay was without any problem and well organized by you.

All accommodations were overall great. We’d like to especially point out the Wantara Lodge, the Sani Lodge and of course the Blue Heron Villa in Santa Cruz. The Sea Side Inn on San Cristobal was also to our liking with a wonderful view but is unfortunately not very well managed after corona. The restaurant is not active and the tea station as well as the bar were neglected.

Our adventurous crossing from Santa Cruz to San Cristobal aboard the Andy 2 came to a stop when the drunk accompanying sailor fell into the water and could not swim very well… Despite a calm sea, everyone was relieved making it to shore.

All our additional tours were without a fault and very fun.

Overall, we felt very well taken care of and will highly recommend you.

Again, thank you very much

Susanne M.