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Unforgettable time and experience!

4. September 2018

After travelling for two weeks in Ecuador (Quito, Otavalo, Hiking in the Andes and relaxing at the Cuyabeno lodge in the middle of the jungle) we a took a night bus to Guayaquil where we flew to Baltra. From there we experience the second highlight of our trip during our stay on Isabela Island and exploring the Galapagos Islands with a cruise.

It only takes around 30 minutes for us to fly from Baltra to Isabela Island with a smaller plane. The flight itself was already an extraordinary experience for us. Before we entered the clouds, we were offered an unbelievable view of the turquoise blue sea and the various unique island formations.

When we landed, we were given a warm welcome from Rebekka Franke and we took a taxi to the Cormorant Beach House. Sometimes when the hotel description says that “the Hotel is located by the seaside” it actually means that it is hidden between busy lanes of traffic or behind a parking area. However this was not the case for Cormorant Beach house, from our room’s balcony to the sea, there was only a distance of 50m and it feels as if we could just plunge directly into the waves. The hotel’s reception area is decorated with a beautiful maritime theme with comfortable sofas where you can enjoy the calming sounds of the waves.

On Isabela Island, we rented bikes and rode to the wall of tears. On our way there, we had our first encounter with the Iguanas and the Galapagos tortoises. We also visited a tortoise breeding station, observed the flamingos and went on a kayak tour which I highly recommend! We dived with turtles, tropical fishes in all shapes, colours and sizes as well as rays at the lava tunnels at Los Tuneles. We also saw sea lions and some penguins. On land, there is a colony of sea lions which do not give two hoots about visitors nearby. There are many restaurants on Isabela Island offering food from different countries and regions. There are also many bars with sea view.

Three days later we returned back to Baltra and Juana, our group leader for the following days, took us to our cruise ship – the Galapagos Legend. Once onboard, we were immediately provided with lunch and we moved into our spacious cabin. In the afternoon we already begin our first short hike with a chance to snorkel. The following days were filled with well organized day tours and information session. We also use the time to read and enjoy the sun on the sundeck. Sometimes we were able to see giant Manta Rays and sharks swimming alongside our ship. For our tours, the group size was 15 travellers per group which were perfect for me.

In the evenings, the crew offered us various entertainment programmes, such as a Karaoke night. On our last evening, there was a photo show which showed us the best photos taken during the cruise as well as a folk dance performance. All the meals provided onboard was EXTREMELY delicious and there was always something new and refreshing offered every day. For example, on the second day, we had a barbeque on the top deck and another day, there was a Mexican stand where we would fill up our own Enchiladas. As we were packed with activities during the cruise, time flew by for us! … After 4 days onboard, we visited San Cristobal island and the tortoise breeding station there before all of us went our own ways.

The experience we had in the Galapagos Islands is unforgettably impressive and given the chance to do it again, we would do it the same way as before and completely entrust Galapagos PRO to plan our trip again. Thank you once again to the amazing team at Galapagos PRO for this unforgettable experience.

(translated from German)

Katharina Waldmann

A journey in the endangered paradise

14. January 2019

We had a 7 day cruise on the catamaran Nemo II, which we really enjoyed. The ship is very spacious, elegant and well equipped. You can sit on several decks and enjoy the ride. The service is fantastic and the food just awesome. With Darwin we also had a very knowledgeable and perfectly organized travel guide, who is also a very good diver and showed us all kinds of underwater animals, and of course also on land. We really enjoyed the trip and will remember it for a long time.

(translated from German)

Dagmar Winkler

Unbelievable Experience

14. January 2019

Thank you for allowing us to travel with you. We will long remember the greatness of the experience and definitely visit the island again. I can only recommend everyone to experience the animals and nature in their naturalness. Many Thanks. (translated from German)

Ute Keßler/ Andreas Wittmer

From Start to Finish - Excellent Advice, Organisation and Care

13. January 2019

Dear Galapagos Pro Team,
our whole family would like to thank you for this wonderful journey. The combination of excursions in the preparation stages was already tailored perfectly – the recommendation for Isabela was dead right. The perfect service started already in Quito, when we arrived tired from the long flight and missing a suitcase. We were brought to the hotel safe and well and the case was quickly dealt with by your staff before our onward flight to Galapagos.
The city tour with Adrian the next day was great, thank you again to him!
The welcome and care by Rebecca on Isabela could not have been more heartfelt!
The trips with snorkeling were a lot of fun, the wildlife is so unique!
After Tuneles and the crossing to Santa Cruz we were a bit seasick, so the family unfortunately skipped the excursion to North Seymour. However, we have been able to do so much on our own that we did not get bored – the Darwin Research Center and Tortuga Beach will always be especially fondly remembered.
Highlight on the last day of the excursion to the giant tortoises under the guidance of Michaela, to her a big thank you.
The trip then ended with a stay over Christmas / New Year’s Eve at the family in Arequipa / Peru.

Your team is great! We happily recommend you in every respect!
We wish you a happy, healthy New Year!
best regards
K. Fassbender with the whole family
PS: Incidentally, all 11 flights worked fine during the trip. Return flight via Panama with Lufthansa is a good cheap alternative!

(translated from German)

Dr. Kurt Faßbender

Galapagos Island: In the Footsteps of Darwin; July 2018

2. January 2019

Following a three-week glacier tour in the Cordillera Blanca (Peru), this was a contrast program as it could not be more different.
From ice and glaciers up to 6000 m altitude with breathtaking views, absolute silence and very cold, to the sea, beach, heat and tourism on Santa Cruz and Isabela.

Impressive images of the origins (almost) of nature, the variety of endemic plants and animals (Darwin sends greetings) as well as an interesting insight into the geological form of the volcanic islands.

Many lasting impressions (selection):
– Cows graze together with turtles, side by side (you could search the Allgäu in vain)
– Turtle breeding stations
– Underwater encounters with sea turtles, reef sharks and seahorses while snorkeling (Las Tintoreras)
– brooding blue-footed boobies, frigate birds, Darwin’s finches (13 species), and
– Iguanas that stumble everywhere

In the evenings along the main street of Santa Cruz, it can become very “busy” so relax here – especially since there are very good small restaurants with excellent cuisine and ice cold beer.

The 9 day trip (July 2018) was excellently organized by Galapagos PRO GmbH – in particular Mrs. Rodinger.
Everything worked perfectly – even the individual requests were done professionally.
On-site support – both on Santa Cruz and on Isabela, left nothing to be desired. A big praise and thanks to both ladies.

I can only fully recommend Galapagos Island and Galapagos PRO GmbH!!!

(translated from German)

Werner Kühl

Vamos a Galapagos!

18. December 2018

Actually, we had already planned and booked our trip completely: 16 days in mainland Ecuador and 9 days in Galapagos – spread over the 3 habitable islands. As far as Galapagos was concerned, the decision of cruise or no cruise was rather difficult. Ultimately, despite the quite reasonable prices for a cruise, the skepticism about how we would feel in a tour group made us decide against a cruise. Shortly before departure we had two or three smaller detailed questions and contacted Galapagos PRO, because we had the feeling they would answer our questions even without us booking there. This was indeed the case. Ms. Zwermann, however, understandably asked if she could assist us to look for a cruise, because this way of discovering Galapagos has its own charm and advantages, and offers special insights. We agreed to that, and what can we say: The offer was very good – in all respects.

Above all, Ms Zwermann knew how to integrate the cruise as practically as possible into our already existing itinerary. In addition, she made the necessary ferry connections for us to remain (after the cruise) on the islands of Isabela and Santa Cruz. You quickly realize that she knows the conditions very well and thinks fast. So we changed our itinerary to a 5 day (4 nights) cruise and 4 days stay on Isabela and Santa Cruz. Not cheap in itself, but Galapagos is a more expensive destination, and for what we got on the cruise, it was all worth the money.

We were on the “Natural Paradise” – a higher class ship and it was completely perfect. A great tour program with shore excursions and snorkeling excursions, an incredibly attentive crew, perfect processes, brilliantly organized, very high quality food (every day different, always excellent), excellent snorkeling equipment, very good, large rooms – even those in the simpler category. When we arrived at Santa Cruz after the cruise, a nice advisor (Karin) from Galapagos PRO welcomed us and accompanied us on to the ferry crossing to Isabela.

All queries directed to Mrs. Rodinger were clarified absolutely competently and promptly. Let’s not forget the thoughtfulness in the greetings and “graduation” letter (Galapagos animal guide / cool socks 😉 ). These small gestures just make a good impression and we value something like that. Thank you!

So our experience with Galapagos PRO was very positive and we can absolutely recommend the organizer.
Galapagos itself is awesome and our expectations were far exceeded. Every day we were stunned and fascinated by the wildlife and the incredible landscape.

(translated from German)

Matthias Schomburg und Vera Gauert

Ecuador / Galapagos - a travel auction and what can come of it

9. December 2018

Unexpectedly, we won the auction with, and so for the first time we had the opportunity to get to know South America. We thought, since we’re going there, we want to see as much as we can. With the help of Nadine Rodinger’s expert advice, we put together a journey that we will not forget in a hurry.
We flew from Dusseldorf via Amsterdam and landed after approx. 11 hrs in Quito. Here, we were greeted by Alexander. On the transfer to our hotel Casa Gardenia in the old town, we already received the first information about Ecuador and Quito. After a warm welcome at the hotel, we went for an evening stroll through the old town. The next day we used the city tour with the hop-on / hop-off bus, which we ended prematurely to start a bus tour to “La Mitad del Mundo”. That was a very good decision, because if we had not seen this we would have missed something important from our Quito experience. The next morning we were picked up early at the hotel and although it was before the official breakfast time, we had the opportunity to get breakfast. Thank you to our hosts at Casa Gardenia.

At the airport, we arrived quickly to our boarding gate. Due to the heavy traffic in Quito, the transfer had taken longer than expected. We flew with Tame. The plane left on time, but unfortunately after 45 min, we landed back in Quito. This is actually the expected flight time to Lago Agrio, so nobody knew exactly what was going on. After 30 min we went in the same plane (we felt a bit uneasy), and flew about 40 min to land in Lago Agrio. There it had rained a short time before, so the humidity was really high.

Again, our driver was already there ready for our transfer. Because of our delay, he wanted to catch up time, so we made a speedy drive to Cuyabeno River. Then we met Kurt, the owner of Tapir Lodge. He picked us up with the motorized canoe and gave us the first impressions on the way to the lodge. We had barely arrived and dropped our bags, before going out to capture the evening mood. We got a first impression of what we should expect the next 3 days and that’s exactly how it continued: Day and evening through the jungle, by boat or on foot, a visit to the shaman and only the two of us with Kurt. Thanks Kurt for the many impressions and experiences that we were allowed. On the morning of the fourth day, unfortunately, it was already back to Quito. On the transfer, there were still many Amazon experiences to enjoy.

After another night at the Casa Gardenia, with great advice for the evening, organizing a private taxi and a lunchbox for the early morning start, we set off to the airport again. Again, Alexander was back at the hotel punctually for the transfer and looked after all the important things at the airport. This time we went with Latam via Guayaquil to Galapagos. Everything went smoothly and we landed in Baltra on time. No sooner had we got the suitcases than our guide greeted us to bring us to the islands on the Isabela II. After crossing the canal (considering how the suitcases are lying on the boats there, one wonders that nothing more happens) we arrived at the island of Santa Cruz. During our lunch break, we had the first contact with the giant tortoises, before going to the port of Puerto Ayora to embark.

The next few days on the ship were full of experiences. Morning and afternoon with different programs: exploring the islands, riding in the canoe or glass bottom boat, snorkeling and in the evening, they always explained what to expect the next day. A big thank you to the crew of the Isabela II and our tour guides, especially Alexander. We still have to process all of the experiences we had, but even here the time passed so fast and on the 5th morning it was hard to say goodbye.

We disembarked in Baltra and had the same journey over the canal and Santa Cruz Island by taxi. Again, everything was well organized. Thanks to the local team on Santa Cruz, we were able to leave our luggage at the Agency’s office until the speedboat departed for Isabela, giving us the opportunity to take a closer look at the Charles Darwin Research Station. This was our first time on an inhabited island in Galapagos. The ride with the speedboat took 2 hours and is certainly not for everyone. We had a good seat and enjoyed the tour. Arriving at Isabela, we were greeted by Rebekka who accompanied us to our hotel Cormorant Beach. This is a family run hotel. The big plus points are the warmth of the family and the location of the hotel on the beach. A small downside is that breakfast is in a hostel around the corner. The road is short, but not everyone was able to be sufficiently full at breakfast. We wanted to relax for the 3 days on the island, but instead we hiked to the “Wall of the Tears” on the first day. Luckily we did not take a bike – that’s how we saw the many animals along the way. With the bike we would have certainly driven past. On the second day we went on a volcano tour – this meant hiking 16 km. Again, thanks to Rebekka, because the agency gave us a brilliant guide with a lot of background knowledge. Then came our last day on the island and here we experienced our first pure beach day.

We also enjoyed this because we knew, the next day starts the mammoth return journey with an arrival in Dusseldorf after 26 hours. Next time we would do it differently and only take the return journey to the mainland and then stop there 1-2 days to explore the area before the long flight back. The return journey with speedboat, taxi over Santa Cruz, canal crossing, flight from Baltra to Guayaquil and further via Amsterdam to Dusseldorf worked without problems.

All in all we experienced a wonderful holiday. The organization of the trip, the prepared documents, the contacts here in Frankfurt and on site, the ship and the hotels – there is nothing we did not like.
Thanks to the entire Galapagos PRO team!

(translated from German)


Adventure in Paradies!

7. December 2018

Sharing experiences of this trip? Where should we start! This trip surpassed everything we could ever dream to an unimaginable extent. A month after our return home, we are still living in a frenzy. Memories for life!

Both the booking process and the time of the travel preparation were very pleasant with the support of Mrs. N. Rodinger. She always responded to our requests and assisted us with words and deeds. The reliable and warm service was at an exceptionally high level. So we started our Galapagos adventure with a good feeling.

This was confirmed on the day of arrival. After landing in Quito – everything went smoothly with the flights – we were welcomed very friendly with a welcome sign and drove to our accommodation. The kind staff on site took excellent care of us. We felt absolutely welcome. After two nights in Quito – we slept at the Wantara Garden Suites (nice place to stay) – then we went back to the airport. Our dream came true: We entered the plane on the Galapagos Islands.

The adventure could not have started more spectacularly. We spent a breathtaking day in nature with Karin. We visited landscapes that could not be more beautiful and visited the land of the turtles. In the dream we never would have thought that there really giant tortoises walking on the streets, in the fields and along the paths. They were everywhere. We were really impressed and very happy.

We will not continue to report in such detail, just to show on the day of arrival how overwhelmed we were with the flora and fauna and the great organization of Galapagos PRO. Karin was a great guide and gave us the ultimate Galapagos feeling.

In Puerto Ayora we checked in at the Cucuve Suites. This hotel impresses with its excellent location, delicious breakfast and especially friendly staff. The town of Puerto Ayora is alive and well suited for a first taste of Galapagos. It was wonderful for us.

We really enjoyed the time on Santa Cruz. The trips booked by Galapagos PRO went smoothly and came up with spectacular surprises. The “independent excursion” tours were great fun. Thanks to the detailed descriptions in the itinerary, nothing escaped us and we were able to enjoy the places extensively.

The crossing to Isabela was well organized. We were actually accompanied by Karin to the boat and received directly at the pier in Isabela by Rebekka. In Casa de Marita we moved into a beautiful room with sea views and direct beach access. Already after the first exploration walk we were sure: We are in paradise. For animal lovers and nature lovers there is probably no more spectacular place in the world.

All of our excursions were, again, well organized. Rebekka was always available for questions and we felt, again, very well looked after. As if in a trance, we had two wonderful weeks with the tame animals and warm people on Isabela. The tour proposals of Galapagos PRO were super structured, so that you could indeed “achieve” all activities as recommended.

The departure was, of course, also very well organized and we sat after almost 30 hours travel time, back on our sofa.

The unbelievable thing about the Galapagos Islands is that all the announced “attractions” actually happen. If that species of animal are promised on this island or in that bay, they can really be seen. If an arrow sign indicates iguanas, one can count on finding Iguana colonies relaxing nearby, as if they were just waiting for the human visitors… Very impressive. In addition to the animals and the beautiful landscapes, people are also a highlight in the Galapagos Islands. They are so friendly and accommodating that you feel very welcome.

We thank the Galapagos PRO team for the professional and warm support. Again and again we would book here and can recommend the agency unreservedly. Highest class service!!!

(translated from German)

Susi und Rocky

A wonderful trip with so many lasting impressions

4. December 2018

Thanks to Galapagos PRO we had a great trip through Peru, Ecuador and Galapagos.
Our original concerns about lacking knowledge of Spanish and about being 65 years old and touring through these countries were quickly dispelled. Thanks to very nice and German-speaking travel companion we have seen a lot, we received good tips and learned a lot. The accommodations were all good, clean and partly original (in Lima the house of the artist Delfin, on San Cristóbal the very nice hosts Jessica and Leon…).
Transfers to and from the airports also went smoothly.
Thanks to the entire Galapagos PRO team, we will recommend you to others!

(translated from German)

Birgit Und Jose Arens

Experiences of Ecuador

27. November 2018

4 days in Quito and surrounding area, then 4 nights a great lodge in the rainforest with hikes, canoeing, then Galapagos Islands with diving, snorkeling, great encounters with sea lions, turtles and many different bird species. It was a great trip that was perfectly organized by Galapagos PRO for us individually. The accommodations were all small but very nice. Galapagos PRO took great care of us and all the excursions went great. Ms. Zermann said we had the carefree package booked, and that was completely true! Thanks to the team.

(translated from German)

Andreas und Beate Grandel