Galapagos – Temporary snorkel ban at the island of Santa Fé

News from the Galapagos National Park:

The waters off Santa Fé Island are a very popular snorkeling spot in the Galapagos archipelago.

Recently, more sharks settle at this place. Many sea lion colonies also have their home here and both species are known to live side by side in peaceful coexistence. The Galapagos National Park now wants to observe the coexistence of both species due to the resettled sharks. Therefore, snorkeling, as a pure precautionary measure, is initially prohibited indefinitely off the island of Santa Fé, until more precise insights into this interesting, new situation are available.

Visitors can currently visit this unique stretch of coast by cruiser or kayak. Many shipping companies have already adapted to this new situation.

Die Besucher können zur Zeit alternativ bei Kreuzfahrten mit einem Schlauchboot oder Kajak diesen einzigartigen Küstenabschnitt besuchen. Viele Reedereien haben sich dieser neuen Situation schon angepasst.