First class Galapagos cruise Nortada €€

Galapagos cruise Nortada – Built in France by Guy Couach, the Nortada has been completely refurbished in 2013 and equipped with all finesse to be an superb diving- and wildlife motor yacht. It is part of the Rolf Wittmer Tourismo group, a local company, which has over 30 years of experience in the naturalist land excursion and cruise business. In addition to the 4 air-conditioned cabins, which each can be extended with an extra single bunk bed, the Nortada offers a cosy dining room, a lounge and access to the bridge. But the special feature is the superb diving requirements, which leaves no questions. Experience this diving paradise with this spectacular Galapagos cruise.

Galapagos PRO Nortada ship

At one glance

  • Category: first class
  • Type: motor yacht
  • Year: 1986, refurbished 2013
  • Capacity: 8 divers (max. of 12 guests), 4 cabins
  • Guide: 1 bilingual naturalist guide
  • Crew: 6 crew members
  • Loa: 25.9 meters/85ft.
  • Speed: 12 knots
Galapagos PRO Nortada cabin


All 4 cabins include 3 single berths – two lower berths and one higher berth, a private bathroom, a safe and drawers.

  • private bathroom
  • air conditioning
  • towels
  • hair dryer
  • safe box
Galapagos PRO Nortada restaurant

Facilities on board

  • a small natural history library
  • TV/DVD
  • lounge and bar
  • sun- and observation deck
  • outdoor showers
  • camera table and rebreather rinsing facilities
  • naturalist dive instructor and dive master
  • ample space for personal gear storage

A spectacular Galapagos cruise with the diving yacht Nortada

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Galapagos PRO Nortada dive deck

Included in the cruise

  • transfer in Galapagos
  • all meals during the cruise
  • purified water, coffee and tea
  • bilingual naturalist- and dive guide
  • visits and excursions according to the itinerary
  • diving platform and outdoor showers

The Nortada also provides the following high-end diving equipment with no extra coast:

  • for Filling Gas: Twin Nuvair HP Compressors (one electric and one diesel)
  • Nitrox / Trimix LP Compressor System (with membrane system to make nitrogen)
  • Haskel Sport Oxygen Boosters
  • Portable Tri-Hunter 3000 Gas Mixing Stick
  • Cylinders: 30 Aluminum 80 cu ft / 12 liter Cylinders (15 for Oxygen/ 15 for Nitrox) 15 Aluminum 100 cu ft / 15 liter Cylinders (Fitted with XS Scuba PRO DIN Insert Valves) 10 Nitrox Compatible 40 cu ft / 6 liter Aluminum Bailout Cylinders (Rigging Stage, Sidemount) 20 Steel 19 cu ft / 2 liter Rebeather Cylinders Fitted with Various Valves
  • for Gas Analysis: 2 Nuvair Nitrox Analyzers 1 Analytical Industries Trimix Analyzer
  • for Diver Safety: 10 Nautilus Lifeline Bi-Directional VHF/DSC Marine Radios with GPS 10 Dive Alerts 10 Reef Hooks 10 Emergency Strobes 10 DSMB’s
  • Comprehensive Toolkit, Solid Lead Weights and Soft-trim Pouches
Galapagos PRO Nortada on board

Not included in the cruise

  • local flight to/from Galapagos
  • Galapagos National Park entrance fee
  • Galapagos Transit card
  • international alcoholic beverages
  • personal expenses and tips


Dive gear equipment rental rates:

  • full gear rental package: $300 for the full set (computer (EANx compatible), BCD with weights, Reg-set, gauge, wet suit (7mm), mask, snorkel and fins
  • Nitrox upgrade: $150 per week
  • point and shoot camera: $175 per week
  • diving lamp: $50 per week
  • Oceanic Veo 100 Nx: $80 per week
  • BCD: $50 per week
  • Reg and Gauge Set: $80 per week
  • 7mm wet suit: $80 per week
  • mask, snorkel and fins: $80 per week
  • 100 cuft/ 15 l tank upgrade: $100 per charter
Galapagos PRO Nortada deck plan