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Kapazität: 16 Passagiere, 8 Kabinen
1 mehrsprachiger Naturführer an Bord
Baujahr: 2014
Besatzung: 8 Crewmitglieder
Länge: 31 Meter
Geschwindigkeit: 10 Knoten

01/2021 Galetter – The Galapagos Newsletter

20th July 2021: 01/2021 Galetter »Environment & Nature Ant species discovered in Ecuador; Emission-free speedboat for Galapagos »Tourism Campaign ‘Breathe Again’; Restart Celebrity Flora; Maiden voyage Silver Origin »Ecuadorian products The supply chain law and the banana industry; Recipe of the month ‘Tigrillo’ »Wildlife Protection of sea lizards »Faces of Ecuador Tourism Minister Niels Olsen »Legends and Myths The formation of the volcano Corazón

02/2021 Galetter – The Galapagos Newsletter

»Environment & Nature 5 new species discovered; water protection teaching centre planned in Humboldt House at Antisana »Tourism New Galapagos yacht “Gran Daphne”; tourist police back on duty; new excursion destination “Lava Tunnel” on Santa Cruz »Ecuadorian Products Cocoa Museum opened in Guayaquil; aid fund for Galapagos products launched »Wildlife Pink Land Iguana threatened on Isabela »Faces of Ecuador’s Environment Minister Gustavo Manrique Miranda »Legends and Myths Birds as Mystical Figures

Galapagos PRO helps 18 providers in the Galapagos Islands to relaunch

Hotels, shipping companies and restaurants receive small loans or down payments on future business Puerto Ayora/Frankfurt, August 26th 2021. Even if tourism on the Galapagos Islands has been increasingly recovering since the beginning of the year, a sword of Damocles hangs over the local providers: they must pay their patents and insurance with the national … Read more

Ecuador: 70 percent of inhabitants over 16 years vaccinated for the first time

Galapagos Islands population and mainland Ecuador tourism workers 12 years and older 95 percent vaccinated with Biontech/Pfizer Quito/Frankfurt, August 9th, 2021. Vaccination of the Ecuadorian population is progressing in leaps and bounds. As of today, nearly 13 million vaccine doses from manufacturers Biontech/Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Sinovac have been administered, including 9.3 million first vaccinations and … Read more

Galapagos-Inseln Covid-19-free

Island population and tourism workers 100 percent vaccinated with Biontech/Pflizer Puerto Ayora, Galapagos/Frankfurt, 23 June 2021. Ecuador's Ministry of Health and the National Civil Protection Agency COE have given the all-clear for the Galapagos Islands. As of last week, 14-21 June 2021, the islands are Covid-19-free. In addition, the population of the islands and the … Read more

Travel now and save the world! – Interview with Beate Zwermann

Travel now and save the world! Author: Beate Zwermann Frankfurt, 22 February 2021 Germany is drowning in opinion chaos, approval of the lockdown measures is collapsing. Even after eleven months of the pandemic, the German government is without a master plan to reopen the world. Vaccinations are making slow progress. We look longingly to Israel, … Read more

Entry to Ecuador for tourists still without quarantine

Negative PCR test and rapid test on entry from 22 December 2020. Galapagos entry requirements remain the same Tourism on the Galapagos Islands in December already back at 40% of the previous year's level Quito/Frankfurt, 22nd December 2020: Ecuador is extending the entry regulations for tourists from Europe from 22 December 2020 to include a … Read more

Galapagos Islands as cheap and beautiful as never before

Special rates for expeditions and hotels until February 2021 Animal observation at its best Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands completely open to the public Quito/Frankfurt, 23rd November 2020. There are opportunities you don't get a second time in a lifetime - and this during the Corona crisis: the Galapagos Islands are considered a high-priced travel … Read more

On the Galapagos Islands, animals enjoy the lockdown

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