Mission paradise: 15 days in paradise/ from EUR 1.550

including Puerto Villamil on Isabela Island, Galapagos

There is still room in paradise. Spend the most beautiful holidays at the most beautiful place on earth, Puerto Villamil on the Galapagos island of Isabela. There, you can chill out with sea lions, penguins and marine iguanas along a five-kilometer sandy beach. You will experience the breeding of giant tortoises, watch flamingos in the lagoon and walk along the gigantic crater of the Sierra Negra volcano to reach the lunar landscape of Mt. Chico. Go snorkeling and dive with giant sea turtles, agile marine iguanas, colorful schools of fish and impressive manta rays.

The mission paradise special can be booked immediately.

Package includes:

  • Trip according to itinerary, including all transfers
  • Accommodation in double room in standard two-star hotels, including breakfast (14 nights)
  • Single room available for an extra fee
  • Professional tour guide on site
  • Domestic flights: Quito-Baltra-Guayaquil, San Cristóbal – Isabela inner island flight
  • Price is per person.

Important information for planning your Galapagos trip with the summer promotion:

  1. The two-star hotels are preset recommendations. If you select other hotels, the total price will adjust accordingly.
  2. The total price cited in the itinerary does NOT include an international flight. We procure flights based on departure date and availability.
  3. You can already book day trips here. These are not included in the promo price. The total price will adjust accordingly. Because you will spend a long time on Isabela, you can also book day trips there directly with our colleagues.

Now for the itinerary:

Isabela Island at a glance

Area: 4,588 km² – the largest island in the Galapagos
Highest elevation: 1,707 m
Population: 2,800 inhabitants

Settlement: only in Puerto Villamil in the SE

Volcanoes: 6 volcanoes (last activity: Wolf Volcano in 2015)

Arrival: speedboat, cruise stop, propeller aircraft

Northern Isabela Island – Garden of Eden on earth

Isabela is the largest of the Galapagos Islands. It was formed by the action of six large volcanoes, which merged to form one single landmass. It is home to extraordinary landscapes and unique flora and fauna.

The island can be visited from two sides. Its northwestern portion down to Tagus Cove can only be visited by cruise ship. Here, you discover the great solitude of the islands. Most cruise ships do not anchor in the south near Puerto Villamil.

Here is a sample cruise: Sample cruise on Cormorant West Route

In the southern part of Isabela Island is the small town of Puerto Villamil, which can be reached by speedboat from Santa Cruz or by inter-island flight. From here, you can also experience the solitude of the islands. Note: From here, you cannot reach the north.

Here is an on-shore stay in Puerto Villamil: island hopping with a beach holiday on this island

Southern Isabela Island – Puerto Villamil – up close and personal with marine iguanas, penguins and sea lions

The only town in Isabela is Puerto Villamil, a small, charming village set along the most beautiful beach in the Galapagos—five kilometers of white sand and beautiful surf—a perfect place for walks, sunbathing, wildlife watching and swimming.

There are nice restaurants around the square. A range of small, charming hostels and hotels can be found in town and on the beach. You should definitely spend a few days here to enjoy the seclusion, tranquility and proximity to the animals.



In walking distance from Puerto Villamil is the Arnaldo Tupiza Breeding Center for giant tortoises (supported by the Swiss Association of Friends of the Galapagos Islands). Over the last decade, the center has done remarkable work to greatly increase the wild population of these creatures. On the way there, you can optionally walk past a flamingo lagoon.

The Sierra Negra volcano is worth a day trip. At 1,500 meters high and with a crater measuring 11 kilometers in diameter, it is one of the world’s largest craters. There are a number of different hiking options, including combinations with the small and extinct Mt. Chico volcano.

The Tintoreras are an offshore archipelago just a hop, skip and a jump from Puerto Villamil. From there, visitors can take three-hour excursions in small boats to the marine iguanas, penguins, blue-footed boobies and sharks. The excursion includes around an hour of snorkeling with sea turtles, rays, sea lions, colorful schools of fish and friendly sharks.


Typical endemic plans:

Scalesia, Galapagos tree ferns, Galapagos prickly pears, lava cacti


Typical endemic animals:

three volcanic subspecies of the Galapagos giant tortoise, 10 species of Darwin’s finches, marine iguanas, Galapagos penguins, Galapagos mockingbird, Galapagos flycatchers, Galapagos land iguanas, Galapagos sea lions, lava herons