When the Galapagos Islands were opened up for tourism in the 1960s, the national parks authorities, together with the Ecuadorian travel agencies, created the so-called Galapagos experience: visitors travel through the archipelago on a hotel ship and visit the uninhabited islands. Even today, this is the only way to explore 97% of the national park. That is why a multi-day cruise is almost a MUST for your Galapagos trip.

The tours of the ships are clearly regulated. This ensures that the animals do not have too many spectators during the landings and the individual experience is preserved. Depending on the route, different islands are visited. The route selection should not be left to chance. Depending on which land animals, sea dwellers or birds you want to see, you arrange your tour at your wishes. Important islands that can not be missed in your travel program are: Genovesa, Española, Santa Fé, Plaza Sur, Fernandina and Bartolomé.

The ships can hold at least 16 and a maximum of 98 passengers. Larger ships offer a quieter motion of the sea, while smaller cruise ships can have some more movement. Currently, nearly 80 ships cross the archipelago. There are luxury catamarans, motor sailers, first-class yachts, small cruise ships and luxury expedition vessels. Each ship is different and completely individual in the equipment and service.

In general, the Galapagos cruise can not be compared with oceanic cruises on large cruise ships. The main focus is on nature, the peace and the experience of this wildlife in Galapagos. The entertainment is you, as an observing visitor, and the unique flora and fauna of these islands.

We have a selection of all categories of ships to offer.

Following up you will find an overview of the ships, whose different routes you can book with us. As a matter of principle, we can book any ship in the archipelago for you. Just contact us.